This is my current personal project, I keep track of all iterations on my side and post only the most recent updates here (Images + prototype current state videos).

Project screenshoots

Project videos – Prototype current state (4 parts)

Gameplay prototype – Weapons
Gameplay prototype – Movements
Gameplay prototype – Part1
Gameplay prototype – Part2

Personnal project with different gameplay features scripted in UE4 BP:

  • Laser gun / Missiles with homing targeting.
  • Jetpack / Boost.
  • Rewind ( Overwatch Tracer inspiration).
  • Blink to target system (Dishonored inspiration).
  • GravityGun (Half-life inspiration).
  • Flying spline (Bioshock infinite inspiration).

Softwares: Unreal Engine Date: 2020 Categories: Gameplay, Scripting